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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 19 - Top Trumps

As parents we're genetically predisposed to nurture and protect our offspring at all costs. That's why we find babies cute and cuddly when they do something that's otherwise intolerable. If your best mate started dribbling and screaming for his food you'd never go to a restaurant with them again.

Therefore I believe that the sound of baby's trumps was put here to make us smile. 
Because the sound of a good old fashioned fart in all it's many variations is intrinsically funny, certainly to us males at least. Some of my darkest moments have been instantly relieved by a well timed bottom burp.

And while they might be inappropriate in certain social settings (love making / funerals / love making at funerals) when you've had 20 minutes sleep and you're changing a nappy that resembles a North Sea oil spillage, you need something to put a little smile on your face.

And a little arse biscuit from your beloved offspring does just that. That can't be an accident, despite the fact that the contents of said nappy often is.

Imagine if the noise that a bum-yawn made wasn't funny? Imagine it was sinister like an air raid siren or Piers Morgan’s voice? There’s no way it would have the calming effect it does.

But when a baby trumps, we laugh and all is well with the world. Apart from if they've decided to go all 'Howard from the Halifax' and give you a bit extra. That's a different story.

Finally today I'd just like to thank everyone who's read, commented, RT'd, shared and signed up for emails of this blog. I've been overwhelmed by how many people have read it since I started a month ago and you've all been far too kind with the supportive comments for both my sons and the blog. Thank you.

Back tomorrow.

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