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Monday, 18 May 2015

Day 23 - Guess Who?

Now we’re home and the initial worries we had about the boys seem to have lifted, a new fear has gripped me tighter than a middle aged East German man's swimming trunks.

How will I be able to tell them apart?

It was easy when they were in separate locations. And it’s been fairly straightforward since we all got home as Zac still has a bald spot on the side of his head where his drip was attached. It makes him look like an extra in the new Mad Max remake.

There’s still a size difference which helps to tell who’s who but that won’t last as Ben is already starting to catch up. (I’ve a sneaking suspicion he’ll end up slightly bigger anyway as he guzzles milk like a rugby player on a stag do.)

So when the dust settles and they look exactly the same, how will I know who’s who?

I asked some (non-multiple) parents before the lads were born, and they all gave me that knowing, slightly smug smile and tried to reassure me with a curt, ‘You’ll just know.’

Then I spoke to a mother of twins and I half-jokingly said they must get them confused sometimes. She looked at me with the confused, world-weary expression of my 67 year old dad when he’s attempting to use iTunes and said, ‘Oh yeah, all the bloody time. Haven’t got a clue sometimes.’ Nice one.

I even googled it. The first tip that came back was genuinely ‘LEARN THEIR NAMES.’ Thanks, internet.

So we considered painting one of their nails but thought that might push them towards a Goth lifestyle. We pondered using those neck bracelets but remembered we’re not members of the Samburu Tribe of north-central Kenya. Then we thought about piercing one of their ears but didn’t think it was appropriate as the lads aren’t pirates. Well, one of them is, kind of. If that makes no sense (and why would it?) read this from Day 21.

We’ll always have Zac’s scar from his operation but until I can figure out a distinguishing facial feature I’m just going to keep them in alphabetical order. Or maybe birth order. Or size order?

Sod it, I’m getting the clippers out and going for this:

Back tomorrow.

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Gemma Ogilvie said...

Mine aren't ID but i always always had one on the left and one on the right according to their positions in my belly. In the car, in their pram, on the floor, in their shared cot. It made me twitchy if someone else had put them down the WRONG way lol.

Sam Avery said...

Thanks Gemma, I'm thinking we should have just named them One and Two...

Gwydion said...

We still use the endearing 'this one that one' and only feel slightly guilty. Theyre now 16 months old and non-identical