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Friday, 22 May 2015

Day 27 - Bath Night Blues Part II

This blog is a sequel to Bath Night Blues. As sequels go it was disappointing. (If you haven’t read the first one this will still make sense, don’t worry. It's not The Matrix.)

Kids are supposed to enjoy baths, aren’t they? I can only assume that our two lads would rather stink like a yak’s armpits than get a good wash.

This one started off so promisingly  – no cries when I removed their sleepsuits and only a mild frown when nappies were taken off. Then we slowly lowered them into the perfectly-monitored bath water like you might carefully dunk a wafer biscuit into your cuppa, and still no tears. In fact, Ben pulled one of those grimace-come-smirk faces that babies seem to be keen on. We dunked them a little deeper until both lads had their legs fully submerged.

They looked at each other and then at us, then both grumbled a low end murmur that seemed to suggest they were enjoying this against their better instincts.

I got over confident at this point and dripped about a thimbleful of water onto Zac’s shoulders. He was quick to let me know this was a mistake.

The transition from total bliss to sheer terror was almost immediate as their facial expressions changed quicker than Clark Kent in a phone box.

There was a brief but beautiful moment when their synchronised screaming connected in a divine harmony. But it was a short lived moment of respite in an otherwise miserable ten minutes, like someone complementing your shoes in the middle of a savage street beating.

I thought we’d turned a corner but it turns out that corner led us right back to Bawling Baby Boulevard. 

They’re starting to dread bath night. So are we.

Back tomorrow.

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Jade Moore said...

I think we bathed our twin girls once a week at the beginning as it was loads of hassle and they didn't really need it. We did a good top n tail every morning with a washcloth which was all they really needed. They didn't like baths at first either and it was a bit of a logistical nightmare in our tiny bathroom. Now they're nearly 7 months they love baths and baths are necessary every day after trying to shovel baby porridge and a variety of veg and fruit purées into them! And I can just about manage to bath them both without assistance. Sort of. 😀

Unknown said...

Same here! At first they hated it and we didn't do it very often. Its so much more enjoyable when they have better neck and head control and then, when they are able to sit unassisted is when the real fun begins! Now they just looove bath time and so do we! Takes a bit of time though, to get there!

GraceEllis said...

I agree that at first they only need to be completely bathed 1-2 times per week. A warm soapy baby wipe in between keeps babies smelling good & clean. But then they start eating and have often found myself bathing them after every feeding.
GraceEllis from; Moms and Dads with Twins and More (Facebook page and closed group )

Amara Franklin said...

"There was a brief but beautiful moment when their synchronised screaming connected in a divine harmony"... Get used to that sound! Welcome to Twin Parenting....

Sam Avery said...

Thanks Amara, I need to start enjoying the noise! :)

Sam Avery said...

Thanks Grace, I'm sure we'll get there in the end... :)

Sam Avery said...

Yeah I think they just need to be a bit bigger, we'll get there! :)

Sam Avery said...

Haha, thanks Jade :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
We experienced similar with our twin boys when they were babies. In fact we got to the point where we were only brave enough to do a quick top & tail wash and that was only done at top speed, as they stunk of stale milk/sick!!
One thing that we found to be life savers were those reclining bath seats - similar to this: http://www.mothercare.com/Mothercare-Ergonomic-Bath-Support/265758,default,pd.html
The first night we put them in these (we bought two, one for each end of the bath, so they could see each other) they actually smiled and seemed to enjoy themselves. From that moment on we didn't look back and had great fun with bath toys, etc...
Another trick we learnt was to put a warm flannel across their tummies, they seemed to prefer this to having water poured directly onto them and tricked them into thinking they were still wearing clothes!
Okay, the howling the minute you got them out of the bath didn't stop, but at least the bath itself was a pleasurable experience!
Cathy :-)

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